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Summer School

Econometrics in Agriculture

The Summer School “Econometrics in Agriculture” (EiA) is organized by the University of Foggia (Italy). The course focuses on theories and applications of econometric analyses in the agri-food sector. It helo develop proficiency in research on topics related to the agri-food sector.

The Summer School EiA is devoted to PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and professionals with interest in agricultural economics and applied economics.

The course consists of theory and method sessions, divided into morning sessions for theoretical aspects and afternoon practical sessions for analytical exercises, simulations, and econometric estimations (using STATA). In particular, the practical includes applications of theoretical aspects, data analyses, and intepretations. At the end of each practical, answers and reflection will be handed (in four times), feedbacks will be provided on the next course day.

Department of Sciences of Agriculture, Food, Natural resources and Engineering (DAFNE) – University of Foggia (Italy)

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