General information

Location: Department of Sciences of Agriculture, Food, Natural resources and Engineering (DAFNE) – Via Napoli 25, Foggia (Italy)
Date: September 6-10, 2021

On Friday, September 3rd, there will be a complementary lecture on Intro to STATA.
During the course, attendees will be requested to submit a research proposal (one page).
Feedbacks will be provide by the instructors by the end of the course.

Course Schedule

The Summer School has a duration of 1 week. It will start at 9.00 AM on Monday and will end by 5.30 PM on Friday.
The course will involve daily sessions, with a 4-hours theory session in the morning and a 2.5-hours practical session in the afternoon.

List of topics

  1. Generalized Regression Models and Intro to Endogeneity Issues; Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  2. Quantile Regression and Hedonic Price Models; Intro Time Series Econometrics
  3. Advanced Endogeneity Issues and Instrumental Variables; Limited Dependent Variable Models
  4. Panel Data Models and Spatial Econometrics; Models for Policy Evaluation
  5. Shrinkages Estimators and Non-parametric Estimations; Advanced Topics in Time Series Econometrics

Learning outcomes

  • understand basic econometrics
  • model economic problems related to the agri-food sector
  • critically assess econometric analyses related to the agri-food sector
  • understand advanced topics in applied econometrics for the agri-food sector

Requirements and ECTS

Participants who will attend at least 50% of the activities and will hand in and pass with merit the 2 take-home exams at the end of practical sessions on day 2 and day 4 will receive the Certificate of Attendance, which in turn makes them eligible to obtain 4 credits.

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